TASKalfa 3501i


Name Description
Platen Cover Type E
Fax System Type V
Internet Fax Kit Type A
MM-16-128 Fax Memory: Image memory (120 MB)
MDDR200-1GB Optional memory (1 GB) for DP-771, overray copy, bate stamp
Printed Document Guard Kit Type A
Data Security Kit (E) ISO 15408 (Common Criteria) with security level EAL3
IB-50 Gigabit-Printserver 10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT
CF-4GB CompactFlash? card: 1 slot (up to 4 GB) for printing forms, fonts, logos and macro storage
USB IC Card Reader  
UG-33 ThinPrint Support
UG-34 Emulation (IBM Proprinter/EPSON LQ-850/Diablo 630)

Paper Handling Options

Name Type Dimension Paper Max. capacity

DP-771 Document processor (one-path duplex scanning)   35–220 g/m² (simplex), 50–220 g/m² (duplex); A5R–A3, folio 175 sheets
PF-730 Paper feeder   60–256 g/m², A5R-304.8 x 457.2 mm, folio 2 x 500 sheets
PF-740 Paper feeder   60–256 g/m², A4, B5, letter 3,000 sheets
PF-770 A4 side deck   60–300 g/m², A4, B5 3,000 sheets
DF-790 Document Finisher + AK-730   Main tray: max. 4,000 sheets A4 (3,000 sheets with attachment BF-730); max. 60–300 g/m²; max. B5R–304.8 x 457.2 mm. Sub tray: 200 sheets A4; 60–300 g/m²; A6R–A3 Sub tray (top): 100 sheets; 60–300 g/m²; A6R–A4 Stapling up to 65 sheets A4 or 30 sheets A3 at 3 positions, B5–304.8 x 457.2 mm. (Bridge unit AK-730 is required for the use of DF-790) 4,000 sheets
DF-770 Document Finisher + AK-730   Main tray: 1,000 sheets A4, 45–300 g/m², B5E-A3, 3 positions stapling up to 50 sheets A4 or 30 sheets A3. Sub tray: 100 sheets A4, 45–300 g/m², A4–A6R. (Bridge unit AK-730 is required for the use of DF-770) 1,000 sheets
PH-7C Punch unit for DF-790/DF-770   60-300 g/m², A5R–A3 2-hole / 4-hole
PH-7D Punch unit for DF-790/DF-770   60-300 g/m², A5R–A3 2-hole / 4-hole / Swedish type
MT-730 Mailbox sorter for DF-790   60–163 g/m² 7 bins x max. 100 sheets A4, 50 sheets A3/B4
BF-730 Booklet and tri-folding unit for DF-790   Max. 64 pages (16 sheets) booklet folding and stapling 60–256 g/m², A3, B4, A4R, cover sheet 60–220 g/m² (simplex), tri-folding: 60–120 g/m², multi tri-folding: 5 sheets (60–90 g/m²), 3 sheets (91–120 g/m²)  
JS-730 Job separator   60-256 g/m?, internal job separator, A5R - A3 30 sheets
JS-731 Job separator   60-256 g/m?, external job separator, A5R-A3 70 sheets
DT-730 Document tray      
CB-730 Wooden cabinet      
CB-731 Metal cabinet      


Name Description
TK-6309K Toner black for 35,000 pages. Average continuous toner yield in accordance with 5 % coverage (A4)


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